What is it like?

The first consultation lasts for an hour and you will be asked lots of questions about the problems you are having.

You will also be asked about your general health, so that I can build up a detailed picture of your overall health and how this might be affecting the issue you need help with at the moment.

What we eat most of the time has a huge impact on our health, so your diet will be analysed and, if necessary, I will make recommendations about how to adjust what you eat in order to feel better.
Bespoke herbal prescription

After discussing a strategy of how to improve your health, I will put together a mixture of herbs especially for you.  There may be between 3 and 9 different herbs in your prescription.

Most people have a mixture of tinctures (herbs in a liquid form) but capsules, teas and creams can also be prescribed

Hypnotherapy and counselling

I'm a fully trained and qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist with a Diploma in Hypnotherapy and Counselling.


Initial Consultation: 1 hour £50

Holistic health assessment   Differential diagnosis   Treatment strategy

Nutritionial analysis and recommendations


Bespoke Herbal Prescription for one month: £42

Four weeks' medicine typically costs £42

It is usual to have four weeks' worth of medicine dispensed at the consultation.


Follow-up Consultation: 30 minutes £30

 Review of treatment strategy and progress

 Adjustment of herbal prescription if needed

What next?

Once you are making progress, you don't need to keep on having consultations. 

I have a telephone day every Monday when people ring up for repeat prescriptions which I can send to you by post.

Call me on 01530 231229
We can have a chat about how herbs can help you

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