Mr C B

I have had psoriasis since the age of 25 and two years ago, at the age of 57, I heard of Annabel through a friend who had been helped for something else and was saying how well she felt. 
Having tried numerous alternative treatments before, with Chinese herbal medicine being the only one that almost cleared it for some time, but as the practitioner was very expensive, I thought I’d try Annabel.


I found her very professional and thorough.  We went over my medical history and as well as the psoriasis I also suffered from panic attacks, low energy and chronic lower back pain. 


Within 6 - 8 weeks I was noticing a definite improvement in my skin and energy and was feeling calmer.  After three months, the psoriasis was 90% clear and, has remained at that for almost 2 years.


When Annabel came to see me after the first year for a general follow up, she got my notes out and I had completely forgotten about the other problems I’d had when we first met because they weren’t there any more.

I always recommend her to any of my friends looking for alternative treatment.  I have been to a lot of alternative practitioners and Annabel is one of the best.

Mrs P W

Thank you!  P is off the drugs and very well.  It's wonderful!

Mrs P C

"I really do appreciate your sound advice and professional care because you are amazing and it works!  My sincerest thanks for everything.